Funding your trading talent to life

PipsFunding is the platform that helps traders to organize the trading side of their lives in a hassle-free manner. The platform operates with the aim of getting the most out of trading contests, especially those which allow participants to win money through live trading accounts.

The trading community is a big place with different brands with their ideologies. To create an effective brand identity for a trading brand that aims to help traders fund their accounts and educate them on how to win. Hence we came up with the concept statement “Funding your trading talent to life” we believe traders are talented and the brand concept was to fund it to life. This is also a way to make work easier for newbies in the trading industry.

The Logomark doesn’t shy away from representing investment in the way most people have come to fall in love with investing itself, but not without the side of trading knowledge and discipline that Pipsfunding also represents. To extend this idea even further, the verbal identity was updated to also not shy away from being direct and replacing the word “invest” with “money”.

Client Testimony

What He Said


Working with Ben was amazing and seamless. I had an idea; I explained it to him and; he delivered within 1 week. It was so impressive.

Samuel Ojayh

PipsFunding Founder

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