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What would you want to be when you grow up?

If you had asked me this question about 16 years ago

I would have boldly said…


And for good reason…

You see,

There has always been something about me wanting to advocate for the rights of people…

Before I became a Graphics Designer and Transitioned into Web Design. 

I always had the passion to want to fight and stand up for people who couldn’t do that for themselves, 

You know,

It’s sad to say…

But as a Graphics Designer in Africa,

You’re being ripped off badly.

You find yourself sinking at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to digital skill earners.

This was my reality for a long time too.

You see,

I remember it all began when,

I started learning graphics design about years ago at a printing shop in Mokola, Ibadan- Nigeria.

I was taught a particular design tool used for design, which is Corel draw and that was just it.

While heading home in the bus, I would watch and learn Photoshop on my own through YouTube videos

Apart from that,

I went online to read several articles on design principles.

The lessons,

The journey,

Everything  I’m experiencing today…

I had read about it 6 years ago.

I then left the printing shop to learn a bit of coding in a place not too far from the place at Mokola.

I learnt everything on html & CSS and also a bit of JavaScript.

Before I discovered the No Code Tool that would change everything.

I mean completely completely change helping me earn Cool 6 Figures…

This tool is called WORDPRESS,

As a person that was introduced to coding initially…

After I saw how slow and stressful it was trying to code from scratch using the basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript…

I jumped on wordpress with the speed of light!

Learned it.

Got good at it.

Mastered it.

It was at this new place that my teaching journey started, 

I became a tutor there and I started teaching people Graphics design using Photoshop.

I taught a few students of about 10 – 20 in number and got them certificates before I moved from the place.

As a self learner and explorer I got introduced to UI/UX design, 

I learned it on my own by watching a few scattered videos on YouTube.

I got so good at it…

I started teaching UI/UX design at Larva Coding School where I was able to train more than 20 students.

I was then handling both the graphics design and UI/UX design roles…

To the point where it got so exhausting. 

Because the pay…


At least not for the level of work.


I got back into no code web design.

As a graphics designer that used to get stipends of 5k-10k per flier,

I was shocked to get a pay of 100k for a website. 

I was then easily earning hundreds of thousands of that Good Green Stuff

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes .

I couldn’t believe that I had been sleeping on web design for so long.

I felt like a self awakened person that had just found the light. 

The no code web design using WordPress was the game changer.

You see,

WordPress is what we call a content management system (CMS). 

Think of it like something that enables its users to create, manage, and modify content on a website without needing extensive technical knowledge. 

Basically all you would need to do is… use its interface in a fun way to “drag and drop” contents while making designs.

And one amazing thing that sets its miles ahead from its counterparts like Webflow is that it is so simple to use.

Unlike Webflow and the others that are too complicated to get around.

And one thing you don’t want to do when transitioning from graphics design to web design, is encounter a complicated tool.

My name is Benjamin Odeyemi…


-Discovering WordPress as the easiest No Code Design Tool to make high quality design.

– Mastering WordPress,

– And Leveraging on this Skill to get Clients,

Has been what’s responsible 

For putting Good money in my hands…

I live a comfortable life and provide for my family. 


I know what it’s like to not be able to do much for your family. 

No cap,

It’s terrible. 

You don’t have to be in this situation.

Not anymore with this skill I found.

You now get to make all the money you need…

To live a fulfilling life.

And I’m going to show you the way to start…

First of all,

I got to understand ONE concept responsible for all the millions I’ve earned.

And I learned this concept from one of my Credible Clients, 

The number 1 Copywriter in Africa Golibe Ilechukwu.

You see, I helped Golible Ilechukwu improve the click through rates which ultimately improves the conversion rates by designing his websites.

He was indeed blown away by the highly detailed work I delivered…

Golibe teaches in his book,

This BIG concept.

And the Concept is Value.

Think about it…

Why would you pay an electrician N40,000 a month?

And pay a Cybersecurity Specialist N400,000 a month.

It’s absolutely the same reason…

You would pay,

A Graphics Designer N50,000 a month

And pay a Website Designer N500,000 a month.


It’s because Website design is valued way more than Graphics Design as 

Web design is believed to be much more demanding than graphics design.

Which honestly isn’t always the case these days.

Infact, using WordPress as a Nocode tool for designs is often easier and more satisfying than annoying graphics design jobs that would pay so little in the end.

Once I learned this concept…

I realized where all the dots fit and decided to create a comprehensive program that not only teaches the technical skill,

But also coaches and prepares students to understand how to create high-value websites and effectively position themselves to be a 6 figure earner. 

Things you wouldn’t learn in web design courses out there.

I understood the need for these guides no one is talking about.

And that’s why I created The solution.



The 6 Figure Zero Code Web Design Program is the Number 1 Website Design Coaching Program in Africa as of today,

That would teach you…

The actual basics of Designing and how to go about it. 

Practical insights on how to create high quality websites,

And how to leverage your skill to acquire high paying clients, 

Both local and foreign clients that would pay you in foreign currencies…

In my 6+ years of experience,

I have had the opportunity to work with over 10 reputable brands,

Credible- 7 figure businesses included…

And you get to learn from me and get access to the secret insights I’ve gotten from working with these businesses. 

Speaking of which,

One Reputable Personal Brand comes to mind… 

The Number 1 CPA Marketing Expert in Africa,

That made it into Forbes BLK Community… 

Praise Akinlami.

When I came across Praise Akinlami’s Sales Page…

With the web design eyes that I have developed over the years for identifying great and mediocre designs..

I realized the design of his website wasn’t exactly keeping up with his successful brand image.

And I Pitched this idea to him.

I got to work with him to help create a high quality design website that suits his brand.

This was his response…

You see, 

Like Samuel Jackson, a friend and business consultant of man once said…

In all you learn,

“Learn the marketing angle of it”. 

You know,

I find this statement interesting, because I also teach this in my Zero Code Web Design Program.

You see, 

This concept of learning how to market your skill,

Web design in this case…

Is what has set me apart from other designers who complain there are no jobs.

You see,

Statistics show…there’s a growing need for web designers.

There are so many businesses out there that are in need of you to help design websites for them.

The need for web designers is an ever growing need unlike the need for Graphics Designers that is sadly declining…

With the introduction of applications like Canva…

That have built in templates for the designs that graphics designers do to get their daily bread.

And so,

Most people these days feel they can make designs themselves using canva and the likes and so…

Don’t feel the need to pay Graphics Designers, 

And if they do…

You can bet it’s going to be a little pay.

This is the best time to jump on the boat of Web Design from Graphics Design.

As a Graphics Designer…

You already possess the most important thing needed to make this transition,

A creative mind.

All that’s left to do is…

To learn how to use this simple Zero Code web design tool I would be teaching you to create astonishing designs.

And learn how to get clients with the marketing insights you’d learn with the Zero Code program.

Speaking of Marketing…

Another Successful Business Figure I have helped transform their website’s click through and conversion rates…

Is the lady who many would consider the Queen of Copywriting in the African space, 

Rachel Augusine.

Rachael has gained prowess in the Real Estate Niche helping real estate investors sell properties and gain huge revenue.

I helped Rachel create a high quality design website.

And this was her reaction…

Here’s what you get the the 6 Figure No Code Program:

Laser Focused Training on:



The 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Video Lessons will guide you on the fastest way to go from a complete beginner to a Pro that gets 6 Figure Paying Clients.


How would you feel if you had the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about Website Design and are guaranteed to get answers.

That’s what you get with the 6 Figure: Zero Code Program Live Classes.


Imagine you had someone to support you with materials, resources, cheer you on, share ideas with you when you work on Web Design projects…

Well if you can imagine that,

Then you can imagine joining the Ben-Odeyemi Support community and taking advantage of the Support you get as a member.


What is the number flaw you find with most design programs out there today?

You guessed right… They are old, and because we live in a fast evolving digital age where new technologies are coming up every new week..

The lessons you get from these programs are not up to date.

The good news is..

That the 6 Figure: No Code Program takes this into consideration and ensures there are regular updates to the program based on new trends and technologies that arise.


We can attest to the potential of our program to train you on what you need to start earning 6 Figures as a Website Designer and so we are offering you 100% Money Back Guarantee.

To get a refund, all you would do is send us a mail at with evidence that you completed the training with all the assignments and did everything you teach and it still did not work for you…

And you would get your refund immediately.


After working with Oladimeji on a couple of projects this is what he had to say…

I worked with Katherine and helped create her own coaching website while still meeting tight deadlines.

She was in awe and had this to say…

SEO Expert, Oyejobi and I have worked together. He recognizes my prowess in this field.

That’s why he gives remarks like this…

You now have the opportunity to learn the 6 Figure: Zero Code Program from the number 1 Web design and implementation coach in Africa today.…


You see,

The 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Program isn’t like other Web Design Courses or Programs out there where you have to consume large and sometimes unnecessary material without knowing how to trace your steps…

Not at all…

Here, we take “beginners” into consideration and so.. Take you through the Web design and implementation steps in an orderly sequence so you are learning the right things you ought to learn at each level. 

Following the guide of the 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Program is sure to help you transition from a Graphics Designer barely earning his worth to a celebrated and highly paid website designer…

It’s also built in an interactive way and also includes..

The Ben Odeyemi’s Support Community

An Exclusive Telegram where students and  the industry finests network and share ideas with one another.


How to Design Websites Like a Pro Using WordPress

Learn how to level up your Website Design skill to pro standard even if you’re a complete beginner to design.

How to Build an Excellent Portfolio

Learn how to build a high quality portfolio that would give potential clients a good impression of your high level of mastery in the field.

How to Market your Web Design Skill To get jobs from Clients

Learn how to Market your skill in a way that is sure to get 6 Figure Business Owner Clients that would pay you handsomely for helping design top-notch quality websites for them.



The 6 Figure-Web Design Resources Access


Over the past 6 years I have researched and acquired access to the best:

    • Pictures
    • Icons
    • Templates
    • Mockups
    • Materials

That would make your design journey easy and the quality of your work stand out from that of other designers you would find out there.


Consistent Course Updates Access


With the ever evolving technological trends in this digital era…

It’s important to stay current with new technologies.

As a bonus…

Members of the 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Program would be getting access to regular and new updates that stay in line with the new technologies and trends that arise.


The Ben Odeyemi’s Support Community Access


How much would give the opportunity to have a group of talented web developers and a network of other intentional people like you in your corner?

As part of the bonus you get for signing up for the program today…

You get full access to The Ben Odeyemi’s Support Community that would help you stay motivated in your journey to becoming a 6 Figure Website Designer.


Unique Client Acquisition Strategies Access


What if I told you that right after you learn the basics, fundamentals and master web design with the 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Program…

You would also get trained on how to acquire High Paying Clients?


I have worked with 6 & 7- Figures Business Owners and I reveal my insights on acquiring these kinds of clients and how you can too.


A Designer’s Guide To Transitioning From Graphics Design to Web Design Ebook Access


This is the best material to begin your transition from Graphics Design to Web Design Seamlessly.

I share valuable nuggets here in this book in a very – easy – to – understand – way. 

You would also be getting this book for free once you get the 6 Figure: Zero Code Web Design Program today.

Putting it in figures…

That is N80,000 worth of value you would get for free once you get the program today.


I’m certain you would agree that the opportunity to level up your finances, improve your state of being and cater for your family with an easy and creative skill is worth hundreds of thousands.

But today…


You would not have to pay that to get this program.

You would not even have to pay the total amount the Bonuses cost or even half of that today.

You have the special opportunity to be one of the few people that would pay only the sum of…


The launch fee.

But you must hurry because…

The price goes up to N50,000 very soon

Hurry now,

As a reward for action takers…

The first 50 people would be getting the program at an incredible discount of 33.33% off the N30,000

The price goes way up soon thereafter.

Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)

You get to pay N30,000 N20,000 now because this is the program launch and most importantly because…

It’s not about the money for me.

I love teaching and want to give as much value as I can.

The insights you would be getting in this program literally made me The 6 Figure: Zero Web Designer.

I have earned millions and you too…

If you take a chance on yourself today.

I can only present you with the opportunity.

It’s then your choice to make a decision that could change your life and that of your family forever.

And perhaps you too would be the 6- Figure Zero Code Web Designer Earning Millions of Naira…

Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)

You too can live the life of your dreams. 

By making the right decision today


Benjamin B. Odeyemi is the leader of The Ben Odeyemi brand known for excellence when it comes to creating top-notch quality website designs.

Benjamin is a visionary businessman who inspires the new generation to strive for success and leverage Tech Skills to make a living for themselves starting with 6-Figure Website Design Skill.

Benjamin has worked with and been identified with ultra successful  6 & 7- Figure Owners leading a transformational change in Africa through Teaching Digital Skills. 

You too can be a part of this and get the opportunity to network and associate with Benjamin Odeyemi and his team…

When you get The 6 Figure: Zero Code Design Program today…

Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)


It is for Graphics Designers who are looking for a means to improve their income and also people interested in making money through designs.

People who are okay with their financial situation and not looking to take action to change their current state.

The moment you make payment you would receive a mail with access- information.

No. It is a group based training program where you get access to practical training videos, material and resources.

The moment you make payment you would receive a mail with access- information that would include the support group access on Telegram.

Yes. You are entitled to lifetime access where you would also get access to new updates that would be coming regularly as well as other bonuses once you join today.

  • To get a refund, all you would do is send us a mail at with evidence that you completed the training with all the assignments and did everything you teach and it still did not work for you.
Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)
Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)


This Program guarantees that if you practice everything taught, you do all the assignments, projects you would get the promised results.

This is no Get Rich Quick Program and so we do not guarantee you would make 6 Figures if you get the program and do not study to take action where required.

If such is your intention, then this program is not for you.

However, if you are ready to put in the work and leverage your creative side then we are willing to teach you how you can be The 6 Figure: Zero Code Website Designer in the shortest possible time.

Your success lies in your willingness and level of cooperation with us.


We would be happy to speak with you.

Call us at:

+234 903 502 9020

Pay Now and save N10,000 ( N30,000 N20,000)